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Promote an Author Tuesday – Annie Knox

I’ve decided to start a new feature for the blog, where I introduce you to an author that I think you will like or has been recommended to me. Please be patient, as this is a work in progress. If there is something else that you want to see in this feature, please let me know!

Groomed Cover(1)Annie Knox is releasing her second book in her Pet Boutique series, Groomed for Murder, today. Based on this description, I can’t wait to start reading:

Love is in the air in Merryville, MN, where Izzy McHale is busy planning a wedding for her friend and mentor Ingrid as well a doggie wedding for two of Trendy Tails’s most devoted customers. But Izzy’s second floor neighbor crashes Ingrid’s wedding, stone cold dead, and Izzy’s beloved Aunt Dolly is caught holding the smoking gun. Now the Trendy Tails crew has to figure out what their mysterious neighbor was doing in Merryville and who would want him dead.

I read the first one; it was GREAT! I will post a review of it the new one as soon as I finish reading it! She also writes as a romantic mystery series set in  late Georgian England as Wendy Lyn Watson, so more books for you to read!

Amazon: Groomed for Murder

Barnes & Noble: Groomed for Murder 

Here is her website for her Pet Boutique series: Annie Knox

You can check out the romantic mysteries at her website: Wendy Lyn Watson

Follow her on Facebook: Wendy Lyn Watson and Annie Knox 

I always enjoy talking to her; she is a wonderful lady! So what are you waiting for? Go…GO NOW! There are mysteries to solve!