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What you want to read here…

A week or so ago, I posted a question on my Facebook page, asking people what they would like to see me do on my blog. The feedback I got asked for book reviews and author interviews. So that is what we are going to shoot for!

I have a nice stack of books waiting to be read, along with another stack that I’ve already read. I’m like all of you: I devour books. Books are like candy to me. On a cold day, I will grab a stack of books, some snacks, a blanket, and curl up in my favorite chair to read the day away.

Keep in mind, I’m a mystery writer, which means that my favorite genre is…MYSTERIES! I know you can go anywhere to get a book review, but mine probably won’t be as formal. I’ll tell you what I think of the book, good or bad. If there is an author you want me to read, tell me here or shoot me an email! I’ll do what I can to read one of their books.

I’m also going to introduce you to some new writers. In fact, I have found a new book I can’t wait to read, Front Page Fatality, by LynDee Walker. It is her debut novel, and it looks very interesting! In fact, it is available on Amazon and Nook right now for $2.99! Why are you still sitting here reading this? Go, GO NOW!