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Promote an Author Tuesday: John Gaspard

It’s Promote an Author Tuesday! This week, I’m introducing a new section: Questions with the Author! Stop back on Thursday when I review The Bullet Catch.

The Bullet Catch

BULLET CATCH coverNewly-single magician Eli Marks reluctantly attends his high school reunion against his better judgment, only to become entangled in two deadly encounters with his former classmates. The first is the fatal mugging of an old crush’s husband, followed by the suspicious deaths of the victim’s business associates.  At the same time, Eli also comes to the aid of a classmate-turned-movie-star who fears that attempting The Bullet Catch in an upcoming movie may be his last performance. As the bodies begin to pile up, Eli comes to the realization that juggling these murderous situations — while saving his own neck — may be the greatest trick he’s ever performed.

About John Gaspard

In real life, John’s not a magician, but he has directed six low-budget features that cost very little and made even less – that’s no small trick. He’s also written multiple books on the subject of low-budget filmmaking. Ironically, they’ve made more than the films. His blog, “Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts” has been named “One of the 50 Best Blogs for Moviemakers” and “One of The 100 Best Blogs For Film and Theater Students.” He’s also written for TV and the stage. John lives in Minnesota and shares his home with his lovely wife, several dogs, a few cats and a handful of pet allergies.

Questions With the Author

Is there a book you wish you had written?

No, but there is a book I return to about every ten years: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig. Every time I pick it up, it’s a different book.

What is your favorite story about your childhood that the family tells over and over?

Apparently, at the age of five or so, I got completely fed up with the whole clan and decide to take off and make a go of it on my own. I packed what I felt I really needed (no idea now what that was) and headed out for regions unknown. Of course, since I wasn’t allowed to cross the street, I ultimately didn’t get far.

What’s on your bucket list?

Don’t have one. Just taking it as it comes.

Where would Eli go on vacation?

The problem with a vacation is that it is an escape from work, and Eli doesn’t really work. Or have an actual job. But given his basic, child-like nature and curiosity, I think he would have no trouble spending a week in Orlando, hitting all the theme parks. Or, if invited to perform at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles, he would likely spend his day off at Disneyland.

Connect With John

John Gaspard author photoFacebook: John Gaspard Author Page

Twitter: @johngaspard

Pinterest: Bullet Catch

Bullet Catch is available for purchase on Amazon. For additional ways to purchase this book, visit the Henery Press website.


I have always loved to read, and carry a book with me wherever I go. I’ve written for several online sites, doing book reviews and author interviews. After graduating in 2000 from West Texas A&M with a Bachelor’s degree, I was a teacher for a while before deciding my destiny was to write, not to mold young minds. Writing for me is like taking an exciting journey, or going on a welty, as my parents say. I don’t know where my stories are going to take me. I just hang on and enjoy the ride.

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