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Summer of Lizzie: Meet the Characters

DetectiveFor anyone new to the Lizzie series, the best thing way to get started is to get to know the main players in Brookdale. There is an ever-evolving secondary cast of characters, but you can be sure you will see all of these faces around town (and in each Lizzie novella).

Elizabeth Crenshaw, aka Lizzie: Our heroine has returned home after several years away. Like all writers, she wants to write the next great American novel, or at least have a book published. Her father died years ago, but her mother, Amelia Crenshaw, recently eloped with a mysterious man no one in town has met yet. Lizzie’s own love life is rather complicated, with two men vying for her attention: T.J. Roosevelt, aka T.J. Reynolds, and Jake Mathias. Her grandmother left her the house she lives in, even though her estranged grandfather, Amos Gardner spent many years trying to regain ownership of the house. Lizzie currently works at the Brookdale newspaper with Jake.

T.J. Roosevelt (aka T.J. Reynolds): Lizzie first met T.J. at the murder scene of her grandfather, Amos Gardner. He was a new deputy who had been hired by Sheriff Owen Moore. Lizzie and T.J. clashed at first, but they eventually began dating. But the truth soon came out: T.J. was really an undercover FBI agent trying to get information on Lizzie’s half-aunt, Debra Cosgrove, who was suspected of being a serial killer. Needless to say, Lizzie broke up with him. T.J. is now considering retiring from the FBI and returning to Brookdale to become a deputy again.

Jacob “Jake” Mathias: Jake is Lizzie’s former college boyfriend. His family is from the East Coast, very wealthy and very influential. Jake is used to having his way, which caused problems in his relationship with Lizzie. He told her his plans for their life together, and on the day of their graduation, he planned to propose to her. But his best friend accidentally told Lizzie, and as soon as she walked across the stage, she loaded up her car and ran away. When Dale Gordon, the owner/editor of the Brookdale newspaper, left town after the death of his wife, he left Lizzie in charge of the newspaper and hired Jake to help her. Now Jake is determined to win Lizzie back.

Owen Greene: He is the local sheriff, and one of Lizzie’s childhood friends. He is a calm, level-headed man, but he hates her interference in his investigations. He knew about T.J.’s FBI undercover work, but he couldn’t tell Lizzie about it. His mother owns the Gentlemen’s Club, a place where the men of the town can get away and unwind for a while. His sister, Trixie (Lizzie’s best friend) is currently in charge of the club.

Trixie Green : Trixie is Owen’s younger sister and Lizzie’s best friend. A hopeless romantic, she was disappointed when T.J.’s secret was revealed…until Jake Mathias came to town. Now she is trying to make sure Lizzie hooks up with him, even though she is secretly interested in him for herself!

Gladys Norwell: Gladys is the town gossip. She knows everything that goes on in town. She takes great delight in giving Lizzie a hard time, but hates it when Lizzie gives it back as good as she gets it. Gladys is going to be joining us here on the blog to add in bi-weekly gossip. After all, she knows EVERYTHING that happens in town (or so she thinks)

Maddie: Maddie is the owner of the Eat it or Starve Café. She knows what all her regulars like to eat, and makes the best pies in the area. You will also spot Maddie taking over My Funny View of Life from time-to-time. She will be sharing the best recipes from Eat It or Starve.

There are so many people in Brookdale, but these are the ones who show up in every book. I’m working on bios for the characters to put up on the website, and that will fill in more information on everyone! If there is someone you want to ask me about, please leave me a message or send me an email! We’ll fill in the blanks!

That’s it for My Funny View of Life for this week’s stop. But be sure to head over to Paws and Print for a review of Lizzie’s first bookDeath of a Cantankerous Old Coot. Be sure to stop by to collect the secret word. You will need it at the end of tour to enter to win an Amazon Gift Card and other Lizzie goodies.

secret word: gossip



I have always loved to read, and carry a book with me wherever I go. I’ve written for several online sites, doing book reviews and author interviews. After graduating in 2000 from West Texas A&M with a Bachelor’s degree, I was a teacher for a while before deciding my destiny was to write, not to mold young minds. Writing for me is like taking an exciting journey, or going on a welty, as my parents say. I don’t know where my stories are going to take me. I just hang on and enjoy the ride.

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