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Trying new things in life

I have to admit, learning how to operate this new blog is certainly a challenge! Learning how to use or do new things is not high on my list of favorite things (I don’t remember Julie Andrews singing about learning new things in The Sound of Music, do you?).

It is a natural fear though, if you stop and think about it. We all get in a comfort zone and we don’t like to stick our heads out of our shells to see what else is out there. Doing NaNoWriMo this month helped me break that fear a bit. I could not imagine writing 50,000 words in 30 days when I signed up in mid-October. Quite frankly, it sounded like total insanity to me. For two weeks, I questioned my sanity. Other people didn’t; they said I was already nuts, so doing something like this challenge seemed quite a normal thing for me to do.

As I started the challenge, I threw myself into it wholeheartedly. The more I worked, the more I realized I enjoyed writing with abandon, just letting the words flow without worrying about what I was writing. I believe one of the reasons I have not been more successful in my writing endeavors is because I always worry about the quality of what I am writing. NaNo helped me break through that wall. Now I have almost 57k and a good start for a book. I do not intend to let it fall by the wayside. But I wouldn’t have gotten this far if I hadn’t decided to crawl out of my shell and take a chance.

Opportunities come our way every single day. How many do you let go by because you are comfortable with the way your life is? Remember that list of New Year’s resolutions? Well, you’ve got a month left to get up off your buns and do them! Take a chance, try something new. You could be missing something.

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New location, same old writer

I have moved all my posts from Blogger here to Word Press. Thanks to a new writer friend (Thanks Sherree!), I have made the switch. So far, so good! Being computer illiterate, give me time, I will screw something up. LOL

I promise to bring you more laughs, more posts, and more stories from my life. As a preacher’s kid and resident Queen Klutz, I have plenty of things to share. There will also be updates about my NaNoWriMo story, as I move into PostNaNo mode and begin the arduous task of editing. There is a long list of things to change, so this could take a while.

To any new followers who have stumbled across my page, welcome and thanks for giving me a chance. To my faithful followers (all *counts on my fingers* five or six of you) who have come with me to the new location, thanks for sticking it out with me. I promise to do better!

As Margo from “All about Eve” once said, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!”


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Well, I’ve done it….

The National Novel Writing Month challenge (NaNo for those in the know) of 50,000 words by the end of November has been met. I hit it mid-week last week. As previously mentioned, the story isn’t finished yet (currently at 55,266), the murderer firmly established (in my mind, anyway); I just have to finish telling the rest of the story.

I must admit, I have enjoyed doing this. It has really gotten those creative juices flowing, and I am already thinking about a sequel for this story, although I don’t have a firm story idea yet.

I do want to thank all those who have been in my corner, cheering me on, nagging me when I wanted to rip and trash the whole story the fourth day into the challenge. I don’t know what the future holds for the story, whether it will be published or whether it will languish and gather dust on the shelf. But whatever happens, there will be another story to write. Just not as fast as this one.

It’s the holidays (rather obvious, eh?), and people will be scattering to the four corners of the world to spend time with their loved ones. However you get there, whatever you do, be safe and have fun. For your holiday amusement, I will relay one of my funny Thanksgiving moments.

My first Thanksgiving in Canyon, Texas, where I was attending school at West Texas A&M University. My son was three. I decided to make a turkey, why, I have no clue. I heated the oven, prepped the bird, put it in the pan. When the oven is ready, I slide the turkey in…and somehow manage to burn my right thumb on the heating element of the oven. 7 am in the morning and I’m driving to the ER in tears, the kid sitting in the middle of the back seat. Two hours later, I left with a huge bandage on my thumb with a diagnosis of a second degree burn. Have you ever tried to take a turkey out of an oven with your thumb three times its normal size because of white gauze? I had to go ask a neighbor to come take it out for me. I don’t even remember how I carved that sucker up, but we did eat it.

And now that I have left you with this lovely image in your head as you get ready to celebrate your Thanksgiving with your families, I will wish you Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels. Gobble gobble gobble!

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It’s Sunday…

I just thought I would let you know that in case you got up this morning and were confused about what day it was. Now I have done my good deed for the day and can sleep easier knowing I have made the world a better place.

Last month, I mentioned that November was National Novel Writing Month. Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and Twitter have seen my updates about how I am doing. I must say, I am doing better than I thought I would be doing at this point. 36,578 words out of 50,000. Will the entire story be done by 50,000? Nope. Have I had fun doing it? Yes, I have. After pre-writing doubts about the support I would get from my husband and son, they have been enthusiastically cheering me on every day, even ordering me to write when I have slacked off. My son has been more involved with the actual story writing process, however. He has been giving me suggestions on how to make it more exciting.

“You need to blow something up, Mom.”

“Why?” asks his clueless mother.

“Because it would be really cool!”

(I pause here to point out that the title of my story is “Good night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Stalkers Bite”, so a car explosion is something that would be feasible.)

My main character, Charlie, has a fondness for all things purple. I have no clue where she gets this from (be quiet, James!). She owns a classic purple Volkswagon Beetle. Okay, she DID own it. I blew it up. The kid was thrilled.

“That was awesome, Mom! Blow up her house next!”

“But I was going to have her ex-boyfriend drive his truck into the house.”

He thought about it a moment. “Into or THROUGH the house? I think THROUGH the house would be so cool!”

Kid lost that argument. I drove it into the house.

“Did you at least park it in the kitchen?”



There is also an evil neigbhorhood cat named Blinky. James thinks I need to make him talk. James lost that one, but Blinky does have a very evil glare and a sinister smirk.

Am I enjoying this story? Eh, could be!

Will there be a sequel?

You betcha!

What will happen to Charlie next?

Well, since they were going to demolish the house anyway, I saved them the trouble.

I burned it down.

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Adventures in Wal-Mart Land

This is an actual conversation I had with my son via text this morning. It is my take on my adventure in Wal-Mart this morning.

ME: It’s standing in the middle of the aisle and not let anyone by day at Wally World!

SON: lol

ME: Don’t even bother to go down the chip aisle! You’ll never be seen again!

SON: lol

ME: Watch out for your toes! Those little old ladies are on the warpath!

SON: lol (he’s a boy of few words, can you tell?)

ME: And if you put your stuff on the checkout line before they are done, the men will throw your stuff to the ground and burn it with their dragon fire breath.

SON: lol

ME: That last one is close to the truth! Some guy bit my head off when I started to put my stuff down!

SON: wow

ME: My arms were cramping so I started to put the stuff down. He snapped “I’m not done yet!” so I picked everything up. I was in an express checkout. He put two items up there. I stood there holding everything until he walked away.

SON: wow

ME: And if you survive the parking lot minefield, a Wal-Mart associate will greet you at the end of the gauntlet, give you a smiley face sticker and say “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!”

SON: lol

Thus endeth ‘Adventures in Wal-Mart Land’ for today. I do hope you enjoyed the trip and got a few laughs. 🙂