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Monday’s random thoughts

Not sure why I am making a post today. I am sitting here watching the Rangers/Yankees game (Go Rangers! while from the bedroom, I hear a GO YANKEES! yell – delusional child!), with various random thoughts roaming through my tiny brain.

For starters, I have been “trying” for years to write a book. I think my new motto should be “I write, therefore I procrastinate”. All the good intentions in the world cannot make me sit down and start. “Fear of failure becomes fear of success for those who never try anything new.” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (Ellen DeGeneres posted this on her Twitter account tonight) Lord, does this apply to me or what?! It is one thing to have family and friends tell you that they like what you write, but it is another thing altogether to stick out there for everyone to see. I feel like a deer caught in the headlights when I think about it. It truly freaks me out! Please don’t ask me why….if I had the answers, I would be a best-selling author by now, my mortgage would be paid off, the kid would have braces and I would be driving a new car that had a working air conditioner for these hot Texas summers.

Speaking of the kid, you know – the delusional one who is rooting for the Yankees – he is in that first awkward year of high school, trying to figure out his place in the high school hierarchy. Apparently this includes not wanting people to know that he actually has smarts and knows how to use them. Well, some mean, evil person who lives in the same house with him (namely me) did not like the fact that said kid decided it would be better to decorate the choir room door for a homecoming contest than to go to his Chemistry class and review for a test. He’s lucky I didn’t drop kick him to the moon. Instead, I did something far, far worse: I canceled most of his activities for the weekend and made him STUDY! GASP! The HORROR! And what is even worse – he made a 94 on the test today! Oh no! People are going to know he can be a good student! How could a mother be so cruel? Let us not forget the most important lesson of the day – how to catch a mouse in a choir room. Hope the science department didn’t want that mouse back! He is now running free outside the building. Good luck catching him if you want him back.

My parents are roaming the countryside on their fall vacation. I begged them to let me take a vacation at their house, but Mother just laughed and said no. *sigh*

Back to sports for a minute, can you fire an owner? I am sure there are millions of Cowboy fans who would like to do that. I personally have absolutely no problem with Jerry Jones being the owner of the Cowboys, nor with Wade Phillips being their coach. Run them into the ground, I say. I’m a Redskins fan.

I warned you at the beginning my thoughts were jumping around everywhere. This is what you get for trying to follow along. Is your head spinning yet?

Next month is National Novel Writing Month. You can sign up to participate in their write-a-thon, as I call it. You must write a minimum of 50,000 words between November 1 – November 30. It roughly averages to about 1700 words a day (You might want to double check that figure – I stink at math). I sat down on Sunday night see how much I could write in one sitting: 1019 words in about two hours. Not bad. I probably could have done more if I had focused more on the writing and less on the Giants/Phillies game. You write for quantity, not quality. For procrastinators like myself, this is definitely a good way to get that first novel jump started. Keep your fingers cross that I write something that make sense!

Ok, that is all for now. Rangers are still beating the hated Yankees in the 7th, so I am going to finish watching the game while chasing the kid into his own room for bed. Remember to laugh, and laugh often!