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Let the wackiness begin!!!

I’ve had people tell me I should write a blog to write down all the funny things that happen to me and my family. The people at our local library call my son and I “the traveling comedy show”, although we might have to amend that to “the accident-prone traveling comedy show”. Trust me, as you get to know us through these blogs, you will understand why. Let’s just say thank God for Blue Cross!

I’ll do my best to post something new every week. I won’t promise every day, because while I might say I will, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. It’s kind of like me saying “Oh yes, I’m going to work on my book at least two or three hours a day!” I’m still waiting on THAT to happen!

What are you going to find in my blog? Who knows?! That’s the fun of reading a blog! You never know what is going to turn up! I have a quirky, witty sense of humor, so I’m sure there will be plenty of laughs here. Beyond all that, I’ll just post whatever is on my mind at the time. I wouldn’t expect a lot of political stuff. That is not my thing. I don’t understand politics, and quite frankly, none of the politicians are doing anything to make it more understandable or interesting to me. Yes, I know, rather un-American of me. When was the last time a politician said something that you understood completely? Enough of the politics from me. I know nothing.

So come in, sit down, enjoy some good clean fun. Let the wackiness begin!


I have always loved to read, and carry a book with me wherever I go. I’ve written for several online sites, doing book reviews and author interviews. After graduating in 2000 from West Texas A&M with a Bachelor’s degree, I was a teacher for a while before deciding my destiny was to write, not to mold young minds. Writing for me is like taking an exciting journey, or going on a welty, as my parents say. I don’t know where my stories are going to take me. I just hang on and enjoy the ride.

One thought on “Let the wackiness begin!!!

  1. Just read the first one and the last one; it is fantastic! I can hear Jim, Charlotte Ann Edna all over the place! you are a chip off the old blocks! can’t wait to read some more.

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